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subduction's Journal

spock rocker
  • "I think this press conference is about we haven't had a press conference in a while."

  • OBLIGATORY WARNING TIME: this journal contains stories about dudes and ladies getting it on with dudes and ladies and pirates and aliens and the odd Roman emperor. Also blasphemy, pineapples, excessive use of the word "retarded" for comic effect, abuse of the <strike> tag, calculus jokes, and TYPING IN ALL CAPS WHEN I FEEL SO INCLINED. (It's how I roll.) If any of this fails to float your boat, you know what to do.

  • FRIENDING POLICY: Friend, de-friend, whatever. If you're wondering why I've friended you, it was probably an impulse related to seeing something I liked in, on, or around your journal. Which is to say: it's subject to vagaries up to and not necessarily excluding the phase of the moon. If you're wondering why I've de-friended or failed to reciprocate: it is guaranteed to be nothing personal, and subject to the same standard of arbitrariness described above.

  • TAGS: all fic || Hornblower | Pirates of the Caribbean | Rome | Stargate: Atlantis | Torchwood

  • More about this journal and how I use it.

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