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surely there's a "stephen harper pimping his dragon to balance the budget" joke in here somewhere

ugh why doesn't everyone else wake up at 4:30 like me. Instead I have all the time in the world to make a detailed list of the 12958732 phone calls I need to make this morning, but can't actually make any of them except between like 9:20-9:28 and 10:24-10:40. While I'm walking places and carrying eight things and don't have anywhere to write anything down. And then the people I miss will call me back as soon as I'm back in class/meeting/whatev. THX LIFE

On a saner note: the Ontario Superior Court has struck down (some of) the Criminal Code provisions on prostitution (communicating for the purposes of, living off the avails of, keeping a common bawdy-house; prostitution itself was already legal). The government asked for an 18-month stay and got a 30-day one, which means that barring new developments, the police will have to stop enforcing these laws before the end of October. There's a similar case in BC which has already made it to the appellate stage and so might make it to the SCC first (with same-sex marriage the government referred the question to the Supreme Court directly, following appellate judgments in BC, ON and QC, but it hardly seems likely this government will go that route). The Ontario decision isn't reported yet (and is 131 pages), so it'll be a while before I get around to reading the details, but it'll be interesting to see what happens next at any rate. Chalk one more up for liberal paradise?

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my life appears to be suffering from a serious lack of Birkoff icons

This post is mostly to remind myself to a. look into this in more detail and b. freak out at [personal profile] thissugarcane about it later, but -- they're remaking/reimagining La Femme Nikita, apparently? As in, another TV show? This could be totally amazing or a total clusterfuck, or quite possibly both, but at any rate I think it's safe to say we'll be watching. (And so should you.)

Okay, I have to blowdry my hair and go learn about corporate structure or some garbage. First day of the semester and I'm almost guaranteed to want to shoot myself before noon. :D!

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I neglected to make my annual "watch the Perseids!" post last week, but I hope some of you did, since I didn't have a hope of seeing anything here in light-pollution central. I think this was only the second time in my life I've missed them -- next summer I'll have to plan ahead and get invited to someone's cottage or something. ([personal profile] thissugarcane's +1 and I are actually going to the cottage this weekend, so I'm holding out hope that I'll still see a stray meteor or two and be able to call this year a success. Also, I will have officially Been To The Cottage, further cementing my suspicions that I may have moved to Ontario.)

I have a thinky-thoughts-type post about Sherlock and asexuality in the pipeline, which started out as a comment to [profile] randomalia and then got away from me, but that will probably have to come after the weekend, since I need to Do Things today, including buy and prepare food for the cottage, which in turn is going to require me to partially (or substantially) unpack the contents of our kitchen, which are currently sitting in six or seven enormous plastic bags on and around the kitchen table. Since I spent most of yesterday unpacking the fifteen boxes of crap I'd shipped myself from my father's house, this is not the most exciting proposition at the moment! Actually I kind of wish someone would come kick me out of the house for another eight hours so I would be forced to sit in a corner of the Green Room patio, drinking beer and writing longhand porn jokes, I hope we never have to do this again, EVER, but at the same time it really is a good thing that we've done it. Also, I am about to have an entire internet-free weekend in which to write porn in my little black notebook, should I so desire, and I think [personal profile] thissugarcane will back me up on the fact that the friends whose cottage we're going to would find this basically as hilarious as everything else about us, so. HOW TO MAKE AWESOME FRIENDS, we should write a book.

You guys I woke up at six this morning because I was COLD. Yes, my balcony door was wide open and I was sleeping in nothing but a cotton nightie and a sheet, but when was the last time I was actually too cold? Spoilers, it wasn't any time since I've been back in this city. I even had a little tiny panicked moment of OH GOD IT'S ALMOST SEPTEMBER SCHOOL JOBS BOOKS PAPERS APPLICATIONS OBLIGATIONS DGHUDIFHKGHS;fUDSLK, but I'm over it now.

Okay, I am going to go to the gym like a responsible person, and then go to the grocery store like a responsible person, and then clean ALL some of the things, and then, and then, and then.

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the day I post in non-list form will be the day, uh, some other stuff happens

  • This post, and by extension this book, look amazingly cool. My first thought when I saw the book was "this would be an awesome birthday present for [personal profile] thissugarcane", but her birthday is seven months away, so I may just have to buy it for my birthday instead.

  • I have been watching things on television! True Blood and Mad Men are making me happy, but let's be real here, the true delight of my last couple of Sundays has been Sherlock. Thus far I've pretty much loved it from start to finish, with the tiny exception of Collapse ) Anyway, nothing but being crazily busy on multiple fronts would be keeping me from massive quantities of porn, and I look forward to rectifying that deficit.

  • When I don't have new TV to watch, I watch The Thick of It for a while, until I get too disturbed by the correlation between the inventiveness and explicitness of Malcolm Tucker's cursing and my desire to bang said character. (We're going to ignore for the moment the fact that wanting to bang him at all is pretty disturbing in its own right.) Regardless, this show is so totally up my alley I'm basically just kicking myself for not having known about it sooner.

  • Speaking of things which excite me in the pants Also, I went to see Inception twice in three days, and apart from feeling smug because, hello, I knew how hot Tom Hardy was before the rest of the world caught the clue train (not that I've watched that adaptation of Wuthering Heights at least a dozen times or anything, but HOT DAMN AN ADAPTATION OF WUTHERING HEIGHTS WHICH DOESN'T CUT OUT HALF THE NOVEL), and apart from adding my vote to the growing consensus that Joseph Gordon-Levitt done growed up fiiiine, I-- don't really have that much to say, tbh? Let it never be said that I have my priorities in order. Porn first, thinky thoughts ... maybe later sometime.

  • I've finally taught myself to play Mozart's Turkish Waltz -- a bit haltingly at the moment, but I think I'll be able to polish it up in just enough time to leave town next week, after which point I will never have regular access to a piano again. Score!

  • I know I've said it before, but seriously, clothing manufacturers of the world: please start making blouses for women with tits. I'm not even disproportionately big! I'm a size 8 and a 36C or D depending on the week, but if I want a blouse that actually buttons up in front without gaping when I move, I have to wear a 12. Which looks like a potato sack. I'm not even complaining about trousers that are six inches too long! I can hem those! But the blouses, for the love of god.

  • The above is kind of by way of-- when did I become a person who buys suits? Most of my jobs to date have required me to wear clothing I'm not very attached to since it will almost certainly suffer (a) chemical burns, (b) coffee spills, or (c) all of the above¹. A suit! Me! Wearing one! It is a bizarre day in [personal profile] subduction land, is all I'm saying.

  • I've spent a decent chunk of the past two weeks combatting this whole suit business by doing something I haven't really done since I was a teenager: sinking my teeth into some srs bsns fantasy. A while back I picked up the first book of a trilogy I'd been hearing really good things about (yeah, you know the one I mean), and I figured, hey, beach reading, and it's a trilogy so there's no danger I'm going to get Robert Jordanned. I just like to know what I'm getting into, you know? This one time I started reading an SGA story because I saw it had links to four parts, and I'm all, sounds like a good way to spend 20 minutes. Seventeen parts and three hours later, etc. PSYCH! I'm now on book 4/?, a situation which is inducing flashbacks to the golden era of unfinished Harry Potter epics on fanfiction.net, and the fact that the author (a) had supposedly already written book 5 at roughly the same time book 4 came out, five years ago, and (b) is making public assurances that he's totally not going to pull a Robert Jordan, no, seriously you guys -- ugh. On the other hand, it is some really damn enjoyable reading, and all the things people told me about it are true, AND the two characters I called being big gay boyfriends from the start did, in fact, turn out to be big gay boyfriends, so that was some satisfying vindication.

¹ Okay, not really. But wouldn't that be a great job?

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- G20 disasterrama
- my mom wanting to be my friend on Facebook
- some sort of ... sporting event? idek

il how I've been away from livejournal for so long that half a dozen journals on my flist have been renamed in my absence. Oops! Hi, internet, I've missed you. Not much is really that new with me! I spent most of my absence reading things like the following and then having Srs Discussions about them:
The facts before me are relatively straightforward. On the dates in question, at the place in question, the appellant danced on stage, before an audience. At the start of her performance, she was wearing some clothes. By the end of her performance, she was not wearing any clothes. The dance was described to me as a "go-go dance" which, I understand, is a violent movement of almost all parts of the body, more or less in time to strongly rhythmic music.

-- R. v. Campbell and Mlynarchuk, (1973) 10 C.C.C. (2d) 26 (Alta. Dist. Ct.)

In related news, who has two thumbs and knew that "taking part in an immoral performance in a theatre" was an indictable offence in Canada? Aw, yeah. Armed with such knowledge, of course, I am totally unemployable and broke, so I'm doing some part-time work of a sort which basically makes me want to stab myself in the face on a daily basis, and in about a week's time I'm leaving [personal profile] thissugarcane all alone with PLANTS and CATS and BEARS, oh my (okay maybe not the last one, but hey, d, think how awesome the first two would seem in comparison!) and heading back to the other coast to freeload off my dad for a month or two. Success!

Yes, I saw the Doctor Who finale; no, I'm not ready to talk about it except through text messages comprised solely of punctuation. Also, I finally got my hands on seasons 2 and 3 of Murdoch Mysteries, which I've been tearing through at a seriously alarming pace considering this was supposed to be the weekend I Got Things Done before leaving. But hey: it's raining, the city's a complete clusterfuck, and let's face it, oh shit murder at Queen and Jarvis!! in 1895 is really a far more satisfactory way to spend my weekend than oh shit police cars on motherfuckin' fire at Yonge and College!! in 2010. :D!

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paging deepsix (and/or the psychiatric ward)

the following is an excerpt from the 10-page paper on ethics and professionalism that I have to turn in tomorrow morning, and which thus far consists of five pages of quotations and about two lines of actual commentary. bonus points for guessing at what point thissugarcane came into my room and started typing! oh wait, no.

"Theorists use the concept of role to describe the cultural expectations and obligations that arise in particular social contexts. According to sociologists such as Erving Goffman, the self does not exist outside of roles; we are always playing some part, such as parent, friend, employee, or advocate. On similar reasoning, some philosophers maintain that ethical decision making requires consideration of the functions appropriate to particular roles. Lawyers who maintain that their job is to defend, not judge, a client are asserting a claim of role-differentiated morality. Their implicit assumption is that zealous advocacy is appropriate even when it results in injustice in a particular case, because the advocacy role promotes justice in most cases." (52)

lol mikeyway txted, are u comin gto get me, ne?

Gerard looked at his phone. he thought to himself why does this kid not know how to spell? I'm in love with the scarecrow here, and then he smiled brilliantly, his skin shining in a patch of sunlight escaping the blinds. He hadn't noticed the sunrise again but now, now that mikeyway had come into his life, he had a reason to look forward to morning.

his mom yelled down the stairs, "get the fuck up out of bed, Gerard!"

a hundred years old, physically unable to sleep, and his immortal mom still yelled at him. Gerard pinched the bridge of his nose like he'd seen mikey do a hundred times. it always made him feel better when mikey did it, because it meant he was staring lovingly at mikey. this time it didn't help.


mikey stared out his window. where the fuck was gerard? they were going to miss math. gerard was awesome. math sucked.


gerard watched mikey out of the corner of his eye as they drove into school. why, when humans were so hard to read, why– when gerard could read every stupid teenager's mind at the whole school, on the whole planet, was the one skinny girl like boy a blank slate, a delicious mystery to him? what went on behind his dark gaze? what was mikeyway thinking about all the time? did he know? was gerard's family in danger? did mikeyway want to bone?


mikey stared out the car window. damn. it was fucking cloudy again. stupid washington.

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Now is the time on sprockets where we talk about stuff what I have been watching on the television box!

Finished the second season of The Wire just before going to Philadelphia earlier this month. Tight, clever, well-paced, heartbreaking and hilarious by turns: all the things people have been telling me for five or six years and more. And self-contained enough that I can watch a couple of episodes or even a season and be satisfied to let it percolate a while, rather than feeling that desperate need to continue which so often comes with shows I get into. It's a good summer watch, I guess, well-suited to thunderstorm-sized chunks of Saturday afternoons and late nights before dropping off, easily worked around other committments. I brought S3 out here with me and will no doubt wind up plunging into it the first day next time it rains, or after I finish a paper or two.

Pictures from PA are forthcoming; they're nearly all from Centralia, so if that sort of thing floats your boat, etc. (True Dork Stories: I got an unhealthy amount of enjoyment from driving around countryside I'd extensively researched for that coal miner AU I never posted.) Mostly a really fab trip; my only regret is it wasn't longer, because I didn't have time to do everything I wanted or to see all the people I wanted to, like sinsense and alibi_factory. Just means I have to go back soon.

Oh yeah, I also regret spending TWO GD DAYS AT NEWARK AIRPORT. Let us never speak of it again.

Also saw Collapse )

Everyone needs some lulz after that. Right? Right. (PROTIP: pay close attention to the fifth one, starting around 1:37. "It can't possibly be," you'll say, hand to horrified mouth, just like I did. Spoilers: it so totally is.)

In related news, Collapse )

Oh also I saw HBP, freakin' finally. Diagnosis: good times! I guess some people thought it was boring or too long or whatevs but I was pretty much all there. It helps that I have zero fannish investment in HP anymore, so I can just go to the movies and be like "hey that was a fun afternoon, now let's have some sushi and think about other things" -- which is really, really nice, but there were still a lot of moments that had me biting my knuckles with glee, so. Looking forward to going again when the sister comes back from her weekend jaunt.

eta: ALSO last weekend thissugarcane and I semi-accidentally watched the first eight episodes of ReGenesis, which for ages I was somehow convinced was a spin-off of NUMB3RS, which I sort of hate for reasons too long and stupid to get into here. Short version: it isn't, and it is in fact surprisingly awesome. She's been watching the rest, and I burned myself the discs to bring out here and then left them at home, but I think I got the good bits. Probably not nearly as hilarious to people who aren't Canadian or possibly even from Toronto, but still some pretty enjoyable times with Peter Outerbridge, Deadbeat Dad; Ellen Page, Sass-Talking Teenager; and that dude with the shiny tracksuit who is Paul Gross' curling nemesis in Men With Brooms, and whom thissugarcane and I have determined is a canonical former rentboy in this show (which in turn leads to hilarious images of Paul Gross being cruised by this dude in his silver tracksuit, and, well, you know).
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I keep drafting these long dull STUFF I HAVE BEEN DOING INSTEAD OF EVER UPDATING MY LIVEJOURNAL posts but after a paragraph or so they get so boring even I don't want to read them anymore. I mean, most of the stuff has actually been super awesome crazy fun times! Like uh a couple weekends ago we stalked Ryan North at the TCAF and made him sign a Choose Your Own Adventure novel, and then went home, played the Battlestar Galactica board game, and watched X-Men cartoons until 2AM. Also my boyfriend (lol) and I came up with this great idea for Bertrand Russell/D.H. Lawrence slash?

Uh, yeah. Instead, that far more fascinating and popular subject: Man, I Got So %&$@ing Wasted Last Night!

subduction: Hey, we should take deepsix out for a beer after her Big Serious Academic Meeting!
thissugarcane and deepsix: What a great idea!

Ten beers later:

subduction, deepsix and thissugarcane: lol fandom
deepsix and thissugarcane: lol gabe saporta
thissugarcane: lol this romance novel I jacked from the bar
subduction and deepsix: lol kirk wants spock to bone him so hard it's not actually funny so much as uncomfortably hot

[subduction and deepsix proceed to download this vid onto thissugarcane's computer and watch it on repeat until we lose the ability to breathe (ha!) or sit upright; thissugarcane rolls her eyes and goes to bed]
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crosspost y/y?

I feel like this is a suitable Test Post: apparently (which is to say, owing to means entirely beyond my control or comprehension) I will be attending this event later tonight.

To paraphrase the text messages I sent to deepsix and thissugarcane earlier: that sound you just heard was twenty-odd years of indie cred being revoked.

Excuse me, I need to go find something sparkly to wear.